Essential, 50M

Essential Fiber Internet

  • 50mbps download speed
  • 50mbps upload speed
  • $100 Installation
  • Includes Router

Enhanced, 250M

Enhanced Fiber Internet

  • 250mbps download speed
  • 250mbps upload speed
  • $100 Installation
  • Includes Router

Extreme, 1G

Extreme Performance Fiber Internet

  • 1gbps download speed
  • 1gbps upload speed
  • $50 Installation
  • Includes Router & 1 Mesh Pod
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*Existing Ardent customers will be upgraded to fiber for free*


Home Phone


Security Camera


Mesh WiFi

$10 each Mesh Pod (1 included with premium plan)

Are you ready to revolutionize your internet experience?

Our Essential 50Mbps plan:
Enjoy reliable internet connectivity for everyday browsing, streaming, and gaming at an affordable $45 per month. Perfect for individuals or small households looking for a budget-friendly internet option without compromising on quality.

Upgrade to our Enhanced 250Mbps plan:
Step up your online experience with faster downloads, smoother streaming, and optimal performance for $65 per month. Ideal for households with multiple users and devices, ensuring everyone stays connected without interruptions.

Experience unparalleled speed with our Ultimate 1Gbps plan:
Designed for power users and smart homes, our 1Gbps plan offers lightning-fast speeds for 4K content streaming, ultra-fast downloads, and seamless connectivity across all your devices. Enjoy the best of the best in internet performance for $80 per month.

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