Top questions we are asked:

Q: What plan should I choose?

A: The answer depends on the number of devices in your home network.

  • For 1-2 person household, our Value plan is recommended
  • For 2-5 person household, our Standard plan is recommended
  • For 5+ person household, our Advanced plan is recommended

Click here for a helpful website that explain how much internet you truly need!

Q: Is there a contract for Ardent's internet service?

A: Nope! We, the owners of Ardent, don't like it when companies rope people in to contracts, so we decided to do no contracts. If our service is as good as we say it is, we are confident that you won't want to leave us! 🙂

Q: How does Ardent's internet work?

A: Ardent uses fiber-optic cables to deliver high capacity internet to rural areas, where we place a tower or wireless relay to connect everyone's homes.

Q: How fast is Ardent internet?

A: We offer high-speed wireless internet with speeds of up to 250 Mbps!

Q: Is wireless internet reliable?

A: Yes, wireless internet can be just as reliable as wired internet. Internet reliability can depend on several factors, including the distance between your home and the tower.


Q: How do I sign up for Ardent Networks internet?

A: To sign up for our wireless internet service, simply contact us at 509-495-1460 and one of our representatives will assist you in selecting a plan and scheduling an installation!

Q: How long does the install take?

A: The installation process for wireless internet can vary depending on the complexity of the setup and the location of the router. In general, our installation process usually takes between 1-2 hours and includes setting up the outside equipment, configuring the router, and testing the connection.

Q: What if I have technical issues with my wireless internet connection?

A: If you experience technical issues with your wireless internet connection, please contact our customer support team at 509-495-1460 for assistance. We offer live support during standard business hours, and chat-based support via our Facebook Page 24/7.

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