Top questions we are asked:
Q: What plan do I need?

A: Choosing the right plan is like finding the perfect coffee blend-everyone’s got their preference, but it’s all about that personal flavor.

  • If your online journey is more of a casual stroll through the digital park-Netflix marathons, email jogs, and a bit of social media sauntering-our Basic plan is your comfy digital recliner.
  • But if your internet kingdom is a bustling cityscape of downloads, gaming tournaments, and streaming in crystal-clear 4K, then hold onto your hats, because our Premium plan is the Ferrari of the internet highway!

Click here for a helpful website that explain how much internet capacity you need for your household.

Q: Is there a contract for Ardent’s internet service?

A: Nope! Here at Ardent, we’re not fans of the whole contract entanglement thing. So, we’ve kicked contracts to the curb. If our service lives up to the hype (spoiler alert: it does), we’re pretty confident you’ll want to stick around! Plus, who wants to pay an early termination fee when they move? Not us!

Q: How does Ardent’s internet work?

A: We bring high-capacity internet to rural areas using fiber-optic cables. We strategically position towers or wireless relays to link up everyone’s homes, ensuring that no one gets left behind in the digital wilderness!

Q: How fast is Ardent’s internet?

A: At Ardent, we’ve got all the tech tricks up our sleeves to keep you connected to the modern world.

  • If you’re lucky enough to have a direct fiber-optic line to your home sweet home, buckle up for speeds of up to 1 Gbps (1000Mbps)!
  • For our rural pals near one of our towers, we’ve got something special cooked up. Our cutting-edge wireless gear starts off at a respectable 50 Mbps and can rev all the way up to a blazing 500 Mbps. It all depends on how close you are to the tower and how clear the path is. So, no matter where you are, we’ve got your need for speed covered!

Q: Is wireless internet reliable?

A: Absolutely! Wireless internet can be just as reliable as its wired counterpart. The key is understanding the factors that influence reliability, like the distance between your home and the tower.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: To sign up for our internet service, simply contact us at 509-495-1460 and one of our representatives will assist you in selecting a plan and scheduling an installation!

Q: How long does the installation take?

A: Generally speaking, our installation techs work their magic in about 1-2 hours. That includes getting the outside gear in place, fine-tuning the router’s settings, and giving the whole shebang a test run to ensure everything’s humming along smoothly.

Q: What if I have technical issues with my internet connection?

A: If your internet decides to act up, don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Reach out to our trusty customer support team at 509-495-1460 during regular business hours for some expert troubleshooting.

And for those after-hours internet emergencies, fear not! Our 24/7 chat-based support on our Facebook Page is here to save the day!

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